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What are the the intended use and features of the Smart Home Dimmer?

Please read this article to find out if the Finesse Decor Smart Home Dimmer is right for you.

With this product is intended to be used as a wall switch and dimmer to control incandescent, LED bulbs, and integrated LED fixtures. It is intended to replace a standard switch receptacle. It can be connected and controlled through a WI-FI connection with the Amazon Alexa app or other external Alexa built in devices.

  • Intended for indoor use only
  • intended for household use only

With this dimmer you will be able to:

  • Replace your existent dimmer and have a smart dimmer at home
  • Manually or remotely control your dimmer
  • Control your lights via the Alexa app or other Amazon devices
  • Pair with Amazon echo to control your dimmer via voice commands
  • Set schedules and control your dimmer from anywhere



Please see the specifications below to understand if this dimmer is right for you:

Dimmer Type Single pole + 3-way
Dimming Method Triac Dimming

Wire to wire connection

Neutral wire is required

Rated input voltage

120Vac/ 60Hz

Output Voltage 108-132Vac
Maximum Load

Incandescent: 450 Watt

LED 150W Max

Standby Power <0.5 W
Startup Time <1 second
Wireless control module

Wi-fi 2.4 GHz, iEEE802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth low energy

Does not support 5Ghz networks,

BLE only pairing for phone and device


Screenshot 2023-02-20 111216

If you are  not sure if this dimmer will work for your intended use please contact an electrician immediately!