Do you have any questions before installing the Finesse Decor Alexa Compatible Single Pole Smart Dimmer?

Please read the FAQ below to get answers to some of your questions

Question 1

Do I need to have neutral wires to use this dimmer in my house?

Yes, You will need neutral wires to be able to successfully install this dimmer. Most homes build after 1978 have neutral wires.


Question 2

I am having trouble installing my dimmer, what should I do?

You should make sure you have neutral wires and that the switch is properly wired.  If you have any additional questions you should call us or consult with an electrician.


Question 3

How do I reset my smart switch

To reset your smart switch: Press and hold the on/off switch for 10 seconds; release the switch once you see the status indicator blinking green and red; once the indicator blinks green only, reset is complete and the switch is ready to set up